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By Dianne Rudolph

Topics: Human Resources


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Many business owners and HR managers know the old saying: Your people are your most valuable asset. This is true for almost any business. Your people define you and set you apart from your competition. It’s their passion and talent that make your business thrive. They’re also one of your largest expenditures.

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It’s for these reasons managing your people effectively is so important to your business. If you’ve been doing things the old way, on pen and paper or with basic computer programs, now’s the time to leap into the future. You can completely change the way you manage people by adopting human resources software.

What Is It?

Human resources software refers to any program dealing with specialized human resources functions. This can include payroll, time management, benefits administration, performance reviews, and much more.

Specialized software helps you complete the HR activities you need to keep your business running smoothly. After all, your employees likely won’t stick with you very long if payroll isn’t completed on a regular basis. If you don’t manage your time effectively, you may be short-staffed at your busiest points or overstaffed when there’s nothing to do.

What Can HR Software Do?

One of the key differences between HR software solutions and more generic programs is HR software is built exactly for what you need it to do. There’s no need to fuss with an Excel document to make your weekly schedules or manually update your tax withholding rates.

What’s more, human resources software can help you streamline your processes by building in automation. Need to file paperwork with the IRS? The program can remind you and even keep track of your progress with the forms you need to submit. Did tax law just change in one of the states you operate in? No problem!

Powering Better Insights

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of HR software is its ability to provide you with better insights into your business. Working on pen and paper, you might be able to make a decent schedule. Using software, you can make a schedule and compare it to previous schedules over the last month, quarter, or even years.

The program can also take information you collect about other aspects of your business and help you make better decisions. Does work get busier during the holidays? Your HR program knows and can help you schedule based on this historical data.

The same is true of the other functions a human resources software solution provides. Want to know which benefits your employees are making the most use of? Run a report to determine how many claims were processed or what you paid out in dentistry claims last year.

Plan for the Future

Human resources software offers you better insights into what’s happened in the past so you can predict what’s going to happen in the future. Take a look at trends within departments. Have your sales been steadily rising, or are you gaining new clients for your IT development team? You may want to build in future growth for this department in your budget for next year and your strategic plan.

What about your workforce itself? With human resources software, it’s easier than ever to identify top performers and those who need a helping hand to become more productive. You may even gain insight into the ways you can help your employees achieve success.

Revolutionize Your People Management

The business world is constantly evolving and you need to stay on your toes to compete effectively. Managing your largest resource more effectively can help you reach your business goals and steer you toward the future you want for your business.

Human resources software has the power to help you map out a better way forward.


Dianne Rudolph

Dianne is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paymedia, LLC. She has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in crisis management, business planning, customer acquisition, and coaching, she is a strong sales professional with 25 years of experience in the payroll industry. Through Paymedia, she offers clients results through iSolved, a platform that meets their needs today and that they won’t outgrow tomorrow. With five years' experience as an entrepreneur, Dianne has also taught herself how to launch and manage a successful business from the ground up. She lives has two grown children. As an empty nester, it gives Dianne time to pay it forward in her free time. Her mission is to help and give back. Her true inner peace is found at the beach and through yoga and massage.

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