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By Anna Marie Lee

Topics: Payroll


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One out of every six American workers is getting a payroll check from ADP. With those kinds of numbers, you would assume that ADP is a payroll service you should look into. There are actually some very compelling reasons as to why you shouldn’t partner with ADP payroll services.

1. Require Constant Follow Up

ADP is a global company, and in the US alone, it handles the paychecks of at least 24 million Americans. However, being one of the largest companies doesn’t make it the best option out there. Many ADP customers have had problems with the company, and that’s partly because it’s so large.

Customers have complained about the fact that they’re treated as little fish in a very large pond. Many have complained that whenever they need to update their files, they have to continuously follow up with ADP about it to get the matter resolved.

That isn’t what you want from a payroll service. You want to be able to tell them about a change or a problem and trust they’ll make the corrections in a timely manner.

2. Poor Customer Service

With larger companies, it’s common to experience longer wait times for customer service support because there are simply so many customers who need it.

However, companies like ADP should be able to provide excellent customer service because it has the means to do so. The fact that it’s failing in this area shows just how unimportant customer care is to the company.

Smaller payroll services with excellent track records can provide much better customer service to their clients.

3. Late Filed Taxes

Many businesses use payroll services to help them with their tax filings. They do this because many businesses (smaller ones especially) don’t have the time or expertise to file their taxes on their own. Making mistakes can be costly because you could end up paying fines. Some customers have complained on Yelp that this has actually happened to them even though they sought the help of an expert. They were forced to pay fines because taxes were not completed on time or were not filed correctly by ADP. This is inexcusable.

When companies pay for the use of a payroll services company, they shouldn’t have to worry about errors like this. A good payroll service company should have no problems filing taxes on time and correctly.

4. Employees Have Problems

Companies also seek out payroll services to ensure their employees are paid on time and accurately. But many employees who work at companies that use ADP have shared that ADP makes it incredibly challenging to get their pay or to get information to complete their taxes. This is a headache that no employee wants to have to deal with and no company wants its employees to deal with.

Choosing a smaller payroll service company with a proven track record of taking care of employees is a smarter decision than going with a large company just because it’s global.

5. Problems with Software

Software should be simple and easy to use. After all, part of what you’re paying for when you outsource payroll is the ability to use the payroll company’s top-of-the-line technology.

Many customers have complained that their interface with ADP software has numerous bugs and that it’s incredibly slow.

It can seem like a good idea when choosing a payroll service company to go with a large one like ADP, but this could be a mistake. Size doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Know what you need and look for companies that can deliver everything you’re looking for.


Anna Marie Lee

Anna Marie, Director of Payroll Operations at Paymedia, has over 20 years of experience in public accounting and payroll. She is a Certified Public Accountant who works closely with small business owners. She has spent the last six and a half years evolving in the payroll service industry and now heads the Paymedia operations team. Anna Marie is proud to be from New Jersey, where she lives with her four beautiful kids, her husband, a dog and a cat. To Anna Marie, nirvana is sitting at the beach, doing absolutely nothing.

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