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By Andrew Hinchliff

Topics: Employee Benefits


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Human resources support can be hard to come by, especially after regular business hours.

Businesses have moved beyond the regular nine-to-five workday, so it makes sense that support for those businesses should also move beyond those parameters. That’s why HR live 24-hour online service is ideal.

1. Flexibility

One of the benefits of an HR live 24-hour online service is the flexibility it provides for businesses. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or even what day of the week an HR problem arises, help is only a few clicks away.

It’s less stressful when you don’t have to watch the clock to make sure to ask for help within the right timeframe. It also allows for quicker results and solutions to problems because you can get help right when you need it.

2. Reliability

Business relationships succeed when there’s trust between the two parties and when both of them know they can rely on the other. Having someone to rely on is a precious commodity in business and not something to be taken lightly.

When you have access to a 24-hour online service, you’re relying on that service to be available when you need it. With the right provider, you’ll get the help you need, when you need it.

3. Accountability

Accountability is also imperative to creating and fostering good business relationships. With an online service, there is a written account of what is said between you and the online service, giving you the accountability you need from them. Once a worker from the online service has said something to you or offered you help, you can hold them accountable for what they said, should you ever need to. It also allows the online service to hold itself accountable, which is just as important.

4. Personable

Having access to a live 24-hour online service also means that whenever you ask for help, you’re talking to a real person, not an automated machine or a web forum. You can explain your problem to one person whose job is to solve it for you.

Having a personal connection with an agent makes every business relationship much smoother. It also shows you that your business matters to the provider. The online service can ensure you have that human connection to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

5. Customer Service

Every business understands the importance of customer service, but not everyone can deliver (or does deliver) top-of-the-line customer service. For some HR providers, however, excellent customer service is a top priority. Every service is offered to make your life easier.

These providers’ mission is to customize services to the highest degree in order to better serve you. This results in you getting direct and easy access to the information you need and peace of mind because you know your problems will be handled efficiently and in a timely manner.


Andrew Hinchliff

With over 30 years of experience, Paymedia’s Chief Operating Officer Andrew Hinchliff is a seasoned global business leader and results-driven human capital and workforce strategist who is well-versed in human capital management, workforce management, payroll outsourcing, and benefits administration. He’s passionate about strategy and innovation and is regularly sought out for assignments that create disruptions to current business models and practices. Andrew is actively involved in coaching youth football and is an avid golfer. His strong beliefs in philanthropy have him “giving back” by volunteering for a host of charitable foundations and community-based events.

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