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By Dianne Rudolph

Topics: Payroll


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If you’ve been considering outsourcing payroll, you’re not alone. This is a popular move for businesses today. As most business leaders know, it has many different advantages, ranging from saving time and money to ensuring compliance. If you’ve been wondering how to make HR more efficient, teaming up with a payroll provider is an excellent option.

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Once you’ve decided to outsource, however, you may notice there are many different payroll providers to choose from. Some are large and some are small. Some offer only payroll, while others have many services for you to choose from.

One more thing you may want to consider is location. Some payroll companies are enormous providers with offices all around the world. Others are localized operations. What advantages are there to working with your local payroll provider?

1. They Know Local Laws

Even the globalized payroll conglomerates have a home-base, and they’re often most familiar with the legal situation in their home county and home state. A local payroll provider is also more familiar with the legal situation where their offices are located. The difference is their offices are located in the same state and maybe even the same city as your own.

This is an enormous advantage for your business. While you may be concerned with federal payroll regulations, you also need to comply with state regulations. Some counties and townships also have their own rules for businesses operating in their jurisdiction. Your local payroll provider knows all of that, and they have considerable expertise in this area.

2. They’re More Available

You may think a large payroll provider with offices all over the world is going to be able to offer 24/7 customer service more easily than a smaller, local provider. Think about when you’re going to need service, however, and then think about where that service is going to come from.

In most cases, you’ll need to work with your payroll provider during office hours. For many businesses, that will be a 9-to-5 shift, Monday to Friday. While your service provider may offer 24-hour support, you’re probably not going to be calling them at two in the morning with burning questions about payroll. Do you really need 24/7 support then?

In some ways, this makes the local payroll provider more available because they’re there when you truly need them. Their staff is on-call during the same business hours, ready and able to provide support when you truly need it.

3. They’re in the Same Time Zone

The fact that your local payroll provider is in the same time zone plays into the fact they’re working the same hours you are. It also means they’re on the same calendar day. They’re not hours or even a day ahead of you, nor are they hours behind.

This makes scheduling much easier. Large payroll providers often use service providers located in places like India or the Philippines. When you want to schedule a meeting, it may be the middle of the night for them. Similarly, you may have a deadline, but you’ll need to work around time changes.

With a local provider, those headaches go away.

4. Better Customer Service

What all of this translates to is better customer service for your business. The local provider is available to help you with the problems you face. They know when you’re in the office. They may even be aware of IRS deadlines and state deadlines before you are. They also have better knowledge of local laws.

Moreover, local providers are often smaller operations involved in their communities. They may even know you. This creates stronger bonds and encourages them to work harder and provide more personalized service for you. In short, working with a local payroll provider makes a lot of sense.


Dianne Rudolph

Dianne is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paymedia, LLC. She has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in crisis management, business planning, customer acquisition, and coaching, she is a strong sales professional with 25 years of experience in the payroll industry. Through Paymedia, she offers clients results through iSolved, a platform that meets their needs today and that they won’t outgrow tomorrow. With five years' experience as an entrepreneur, Dianne has also taught herself how to launch and manage a successful business from the ground up. She lives has two grown children. As an empty nester, it gives Dianne time to pay it forward in her free time. Her mission is to help and give back. Her true inner peace is found at the beach and through yoga and massage.

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